Membership application

Dues are $115 for the first year for new members, and $100 yearly after that. If not already an NRA  member ( required for club membership), you can join thru the club for $35. Memberships function as a family membership, and you are allowed to bring guests. Members are responsible for those they bring to the ranges.

Orientations are held twice a month, ( during the times the ranges are open), Following the Carry Shoot, held the first Wednesday of the month, at 1830 hrs. Also, following the USPSA match, held the first Sunday, at 1330 hrs.

Yearly Club Renewal Form

For current members. To be printed out, and completed. Renewals can be sent in beginning in November. By mailing, or dropping off the forms at Tailwinds. 

USPSA Monthly

USPSA monthly matches held on the first Sunday. Contact Joe Sutton at 785.893.2550, or email at

Bone Creek Gun Ranges

Event Details


Bone Creek Gun Ranges

March 14th, 2020

Concealed Carry Class

8am - 6pm

WATCO / Bone Creek Sport & Gun Club

Event Details

March 14th, 2020

Concealed Carry Class

Class held at WATCO in Pittsburg, at 3rd & Walnut. Starts at 0800 hrs, and runs until around 1800 hrs.  The class fee is $100 and includes t...

Event Details

8am - 6pm

WATCO / Bone Creek Sport & Gun Club

About Us

Who we are-

Bone Creek Sport & Gun Club is a members club, open year round. 

Remember, the ranges are closed during deer firearms season, usually the first week in December, and January.

Range usage -

Memberships available. Target shooting,  NRA, USPSA, CMP affiliated 

What's available -

Rifle, pistol, and shotgun ranges. Concealed Carry classes, and customized instruction from trained officers in the club.

Carry Shoots are held once a month, starting in July, they will be on the first Wednesday, at 1730hrs. These are a great way to get some practice in, for those who carry concealed, or LEO for duty . For further information, give us a shout.

Concealed Carry Support


For added peace of mind

US Law Shield

For added peace of mind when carrying. To go to their site, click on the pic.


To get information on upcoming events, and club business. Have us add you to the email list.

CCH registration

To register for a Concealed Carry Class, fill out the info. Please include a phone number, your address, and the date you wish to attend.

Interested in becoming a member?

Feel free to stop by Tailwind Cyclists in PIttsburg, and get more information on the club

Bone Creek Sport & Gun Club

bonecreekgunclub po box 512 Pittsburg, KS 66762 US

(620) 249-0938

The ranges